MIM experts provide advisory services to companies on strategic management, marketing analysis, financial analysis, market research, business development, effective recruitment, etc.
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Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
Ph.D. Professor of Business Administration Department, Co-director of the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program. Head Consultant for capital market development for PriceWaterhouse (1995—1996). Head of consulting projects for foreign and Ukrainian companies including SGN, Gaz de France, Thion Group, Aval Bank, “Ukrtransnafta” OJSC, “Poltavakonditer”, joint venture “Agroprogres” etc. Authored, translatored and edited of books on financial investment, capital market, lending, and financial statements analysis. Training and education: Institute of Management Development (Switzerland), Tepper Business School, Carnegie Mellon University (USA); Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium).
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
PhD, MBA. Has more than 30 years of experience in academia and industry. She consulted numerous reform projects, such as the “Fiscal Reform in Ukraine”, ‘Ukrainian Accounting and Audit Reform Project”, “Reconciliation of Financial and Tax Statement in Ukraine”, “Ukraine Accounting Reform Project”, “CAP/CIPA” in Ukraine sponsored by the USAID. Worked in internal audit for the Ukrainian and international companies, taught in the universities, and worked in the research institutions. Training and education: Lovanium International Management Center (Belgium).
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
KUKHAR, Mykhailo
MBA. Permanent visit professor. Chief editor of Ukraine Economic Outlook, an independent consulting group that brings together leading economists of the country. Former editor-in-chief of the Ukrainian version of the Harvard Business Review. Consultant to the number of the governmental agencies.
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
Head of Foreign Languages section at the Humanities Department. Experienced translator and expert in cross cultural communications. Worked for the domestic and international companies. As the person responsible for the international communications enhanced visibility of Ukraine’s business education in the international community by facilitating positive coverage in the international publications, Financial Times in particular. Acts as a liaison between Ukraine’s business community and international professional bodies.
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
Doctor of Social Sciences (Education), permanent visit professor. Dean of Adizes Graduate School (USA), Vice President for West Europe & Baltics of Adizes Institute (USA). He is President of the Baltic Management Development Association (BMDA), Vice-president of Central and East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN); member of International Scientific Committee of the EDUNIVERSAL - Official selection of World Business Schools (France). He also serves as a Board member of Lithuanian Free Market Institute, member of the Board of Trustees of International Academy of Business (Kazakhstan) and a visiting professor at number of Business Schools in France (Euromed Management), Czech Republic (Prague University of Economics), Latvia (Banking Academy), Kazakhstan (International Academy of Business), etc.
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
MBA. Permanent visit professor. Partner of the Strategy Consultancy ICME. Has executive’s experience with ROCHE, General Motors, and Swissair global operations. Expert in business modeling and strategy. Training and education: University of Bern (Switzerland), Wharton School, London Business School.
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
PhD., MBA. Permanent visit professor. MIS and organizational development consultant. CEO for the Areon Consulting. Authored books and articles on IT application in business.
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
Margaryta Romanova
He has extensive experience in supply chain management, procurement, distribution and warehousing at international high-tech B2B / FMCG / Food & Pharma companies. Member of the Council of the country on quality regulation and crisis management in baby nutrition. Speaker, expert and trainer on the national supply, procurement and finance system