MIM experts provide advisory services to companies on strategic management, marketing analysis, financial analysis, market research, business development, effective recruitment, etc.
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Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
Permanent guest lecturer. Ph.D. Certified business coach of the international category, Master-Trainer of the International Coaches Union (ICU), CEO of ZeleninLab, first-person coach. Specialized programs: International Academy Transformational Coaching and Leadership (UK), Erickson University International (Canada), Institute of Generative Coaching (USA)
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
PhD (Doctor of science), MBA, permanent visit professor, Head of Private & Individual Banking в Expobank CZ, chairman of the Private Banking Club at the Independent Banking Association of Ukraine. Has more than 20 years of banking sector experience. Has authored more than 100 publications on private banking and wealth management in Ukraine and the CIS countries. Has actively participated in the quality assurance techniques and client service management in the Ukrainian banks.
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
Permanent guest lecturer. Experience in managing international cross-functional, cross-cultural and geographically remote teams, as well as consulting companies and individuals on remote work and management of distributed teams (Samsung, Unitrade Group, Smart Technologies, Toggl, Tolo, Elin, RedHead, Pole Candy) .
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
Anna Mazur
Founder and CEO of the Happy Monday career portal, co-author of the ProForum career conference and the MakeMeBetter professional mentoring program. She has worked at CreativeMornings / Kyiv and the Ukrainian Leadership Academy
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
Permanent visit professor, Director of Ukrainian Marketing Group
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
Ph.D. МВА Finance (USA), ESL & AS BA (USA). Professor of Business Administration Department. His working experience includes: USA – Investment Bank “Arjent”, AXA, Montclair University, Troystar Corp; Ukraine – Bank “Ukraina”, Kiev State University & Institute of Economics National Academy of Sciences. Licences: USA - Series 7 General Securities Representative, Series 63 Uniform Securities Agent, Life, Accident & Health Insurance License; Ukraine - Analyst of Securities, Broker of Stock Exchange, Specialist on Privatization Securities. Training programs: Edmonds College (USA); Commerzbank & Deutsche Stock Exchange (Germany); Linguarama Group (UK); Sanno Institute of Management (Japan); Bavarian Center for East-West Management Center (OWZ) (Germany), Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business (USA). Has authored and co-authored of 20 monographs and articles.
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
Gubinsky, Andrew
Permanent Visiting professor, MBA, Managing Partner at Craft Innovations, Uployal Partner.
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
M.A. Senior Instructor of Business English. Has more than 35 years of teaching experience. Holds First Certificate for Teachers of Business English from London Chamber of Commerce. Participated in the British Council project “Business English Syllabus Development for Ukrainian Universities” (1998). Translating experience includes international modules for Ukrainian executives in the University of Northumbria, UK (1994, 1993), and the Carnegie Mellon University, USA (1996). Training and education: York Associates (UK); Wolverhamptom Polytechnic (UK); Co-authored numerous textbooks and English-Ukrainian-Russian business thematic dictionary as well.