MIM experts provide advisory services to companies on strategic management, marketing analysis, financial analysis, market research, business development, effective recruitment, etc.
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Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
MBA. Permanent visit professor. Partner of the Strategy Consultancy ICME. Has executive’s experience with ROCHE, General Motors, and Swissair global operations. Expert in business modeling and strategy. Training and education: University of Bern (Switzerland), Wharton School, London Business School.
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
PhD., MBA. Permanent visit professor. MIS and organizational development consultant. CEO for the Areon Consulting. Authored books and articles on IT application in business.
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
Margaryta Romanova
He has extensive experience in supply chain management, procurement, distribution and warehousing at international high-tech B2B / FMCG / Food & Pharma companies. Member of the Council of the country on quality regulation and crisis management in baby nutrition. Speaker, expert and trainer on the national supply, procurement and finance system
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
MBA. Permanent visit professor. He has eight years of experience in business as CEO of Ukrainian distribution company, one of the market leaders. Adviser to the Head of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine. Member of the Supervisory Board of the Charity Foundation "Ukraine - our future." Chairman of the NGO "Sylna gromada".
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
J.S.D. (France), Ph.D. (Law, Ukraine), Attorney-at-law, patent and trademark attorney of Ukraine reg. No 398, professor of the international private law department of the Institute of international relations Kyiv National University Tarasa Shevtchenko, master of international business law University Paris X Nanterre. Consulting services to the Ukrainian and foreign companies on IP issues. Education and training: INPI, Appeal procedure before EPO, International Commercial Arbitration Court at ICC (Paris, France).
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
Omelchenko, Nadia
Permanent guest lecturer at MIM Business School, MBA, DBA (AMIS), Vice-president of the company "IT-Integrator". Work experience - holding top positions in management companies - was director of the real estate company Compass FM and the director of human resources policy of the Octave group of companies. There is the experience of managing several social projects, such as the educational program "IT-education".
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
Visit professor. Practicing Agile expert, Scrum trainer and coach. Consults medium businesses and startups on adaptive management approaches. Frequent speaker at the Ukrainian and European conferences, seminars and other events on Scrum framework.
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
Visit professor. Founder and CEO of the SmartTime consulting company. Management consultant, business coach, and ТОР and LEGO ® SERIOUS PLAY ® facilitator. Member and of the Ukrainian Association of Management Consultants and the ICA Ukraine.