MIM experts provide advisory services to companies on strategic management, marketing analysis, financial analysis, market research, business development, effective recruitment, etc.
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Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
Petro Krychun
MBA. Economist, lawyer, accountant, Chairman of the Public Council at the SCSU, President of the NGO "Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors" (full member of IFAC), practicing tax and business consultant
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
PhD (Doctor of science),. Professor of Management and Economics Department, Member of the Boards of Directors of “Weidmann Malyn Paper Mill” and “ATON-Group”. Experienced in research, lecturing and executive management for Ukrainian and international organizations and companies. Author of numerous publications in the field of differential games, optimal control and observations under uncertainty. Special training programs: International Center for Management Development (Brdo, Slovenia); Institute for Management Development (Lausanne, Switzerland).
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
Ph.D. Head of Humanities Department. Licensed attorney. Chairman of the Arbitration Court of the Professional Association of Depositories and Registrars SRO, member of the Expert Consulting Council of the Deposit Guarantee Fund. He worked in a civil court and military tribunal, in Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of III convocation as a consultant-assistant to a National Deputy (member of Parliament) in 1998 – 2002, and as a legal adviser for the Group of Support to Financial Sector Policy Coordination Council at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in 2003-2005. Advisor to a number of international organizations including World Bank, IFC, ТАСIS, OBSE, Barents Group, FMI, GTZ, and DGRV. Author of more than 50 scientific publications. Professor of School of Ukrainian Law at Jagiellonian University (Krakow, Poland). Education and training: American Securities and Stock Exchange Commission / USA (1997), Montana State University /USA (2014).
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
PhD, associate professor. Strategy, marketing and brand management consultant. Implemented more than 300 projects for retailers, FMCG manufacturers, banks and professional services companies. Authored publications in strategic marketing and market research.
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
Ph.D. Associate Professor of Business English Department, Professor of Interpersonal/Cross-cultural/ Communication, Pragmatics and Business English. Supervisor of International Canada-World-Youth program (2003-2004). Language/Technical and Cross-cultural facilitator at Peace Corps in Ukraine (2006-2007). Author of about 20 publications on philosophy of education and up-brining and different aspects of communication. Author of English-Ukrainian Dictionary of Phraseological Units of Scientific Discourse.
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
PhD in Economics, MA in psychology. Associate professor of Management and Economics Department. Director of pre-МВА Management and Leadership program. Head of eLearning Lab. Authored and co-authored the number of publications and books on leadership, management and communication in business and training. Partner and investor in agri-food and trade sectors. Special training programs: International Management Teachers Academy (Bled, Slovenia)
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
PhD (Doctor of science), MBA. Professor of the Management and Economics Department. Enterprise management systems expert. Has more than 30 years of managerial experience in Ukrainian and international companies. Has authored more than 100 publications on operational management, risk management and management systems. International expert and auditor for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISO 31000, ISO 13053 and ISO 2600;1OHSAS 18001, and IRI.
Team - МІМ - перша бізнес-школа
Ph.D., President of MIM Business School, Head of Management and Economics Department. Supervisor of consulting projects for international and Ukrainian companies. Acted as an expert on evaluation of business education needs for Central and Eastern Europe at European Training Foundation. Member of academic—methodological commission on management at Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Education and training: Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium); Central European University (Hungary); International Management Teachers Academy (Slovenia).