Reinforce UA: MIM Global Knowledge Hub

nationwide project 13 April 2022
Event description

Concept Note

Educations is about the future. The war has changed business landscape in Ukraine. Reinforcing our war-time economy and preparing for the after-war revival is among our top priorities. To provide the Ukrainian business community with access to intellectual resources offered by the prominent international faculty, International Management Institute “MIM-Kyiv” together with world-renowned business schools launches the nationwide project Reinforce UA: MIM Global Knowledge Hub

Distinguished international faculty deliver their lectures covering the most urgent issues of economic and business developments for tens of thousands of Ukrainian business people and members of expert communities. 

To secure the nation-wide outreach, MIM-Kyiv collaborates/partners with the largest Ukrainian business associations, think tanks, and media. The partners disseminate the series on their platforms and thus reach out to their communities. 

Project Description

Expected outcomes. The project is aimed at intellectual support and inspiration for Ukrainian business community and provides knowledge necessary for restart of the business activities, reinforcing business and military support operations, providing assistance to the civilians suffering from the war and recovery and enhancement of Ukrainian economy after the victory. 

Faculty. Internationally renowned faculty from all over the world deliver lectures to inspire and intellectually support Ukrainian business people. They donate their expertise and time.

Audience. MIM-Kyiv secures the access for all Ukrainians striving to reinforce and revive the national economy. On average up to 40,000 people will have access to webinars as well as all other educational materials on the platform. Besides, people from other countries will be allowed to access the Project site as well. 

Access. Participants are admitted to the lectures in format of ZOOM Webinars upon the registration on the platform. They will have access to the realtime streaming, recorded lectures and post-materials stored on the Project website. For Ukrainian particiapnts the access is free. Participants from other countries are registered upon the charity contribution to the platform. Those money will be transferred to Ukrainian humatiraian aid charities.  

Tentative schedule and format. The 30-40 minute long lectures are delivered online once a week, on Wednesdays, at 6:00 pm Kyiv time. The start of the series is April 13, 2022. 

Contact person. Oleksii Vynogradov, MIM Vice-President, +380503828248,