30 December 2021

Before plunging into what 2022 has for us, we sum up what happened in 2021. It was a year full of events, new projects, exciting meetings, etc. Here are our 21 recollections about 2021.

  1.  Eduniversal, an international ranking agency ranked MIM-Kyiv top Ukrainian business school and awarded 4 Palmesof Excellence. We are the only Ukrainian business to be ranked among 300 best schools globally;
  2. AMBA & BGA shortlisted MIM-Kyiv in the Best Business School Partnership 2022and BGABusiness School Impact Award nominations within their AMBA & BGA Excellence Awards. MIM-Kyiv is the only Ukrainian school in shortlists; 
  3. MIM-Kyiv is the first Ukrainian business school to be awarded Business Graduates Association(BGA)accreditation and be AMBA 5 year-long re-accreditation;
  4. In March, MIM-Kyiv’s programs for the State Unitary Enterprise “Tajinvest” and Export Agency of Tajikistan kicked off. Opening of the BusinessLearningCenter Tajikistan (BLCT) in Dushanbe is among the most important outcomes of MIM-Kyiv’s activities;
  5. MIM-Kyiv provided the special corporate program for the management team of the Kyrgyz retail leader Forester;
  6. This year’s International Educational Forum Facing The Futurewas dedicated to art and inspiration. The first offline event after the long lockdown was a good chance for MIM-Kyiv’s community to see each other and catch up other in person;
  7. MIM-Kyiv and ProBonoClublaunched the MBA4НКО project. MBA students worked with five NGOs to assist in their institutional development, leadership, and promotion strategies;
  8. MIM-Kyiv hosted green deals discussions conducted by the Agency of Renewable Energy and Global 100% REUkraine civil organization;
  9. SUVIATO, a prominent veterans’ organization signed the Memorandum of Cooperation with MIM-Kyiv. The school participated in a number of activities supporting veterans, in particular, the discussion conducted by the Association of Entrepreneurs – Veterans and Come Back Alive charity foundation;
  10. Springerpublishing house released the book Hidden Champions in Dynamically Changing Societies containing the article by Iryna Tykhomyrova, MIM-Kyiv’s president, and Vadym Saveliev, MIM-Kyiv’s professor of marketing;
  11. Sapience. A Brief History of Mankind, a Graphic History was released within MIM-Kyiv Recommends series, a joint project with the BookChef publishing house;
  12. The Academy of Retail, a joint venture with the DCLinkGroup was launched;
  13. MIM-Kyiv held online training sessions for the European Business Association (ЕВА)members;
  14. Iryna Tykhomyrova, MIM-Kyiv president participated in the Business Education round table conducted as a part of the National Forum Ukraine – 30. Education and Science;
  15. Professors of MIM-Kyiv delivered webinars series for Ukrainian public sector officials, participants of the Professional Development Program(PDP) Ukraine – NATО.
  16. Nadia Omelchenko, VP for the IT.Integrator and MIM-Kyiv’s MBA and professor of HR presented her case of women’s development;
  17. MIM-Kyiv hosted the BMDA (Baltic Management Development Association) online conference dedicated to burnout problems. It was the second joint event that brought together participants from more than 20 countries;
  18. Mykhailo Kukhar, managing partner of the Ukrainian Economic Outlook think tank and MIM-Kyiv alum and professor launched KUKHARDiscussionCourt at MIM-Kyiv;
  19. The CraftingBusinessMakers School (CBMS) program for craftsmen, creative manufacturers designers, etc. was successfully implemented in MIM-Kyiv;
  20. Oleksandr Sudarkin and Nadia Omelchenko, MIM-Kyiv faculty conducted webinars for the AmCham Business School;
  21. Iryna Tykhomyrova, MIM-Kyiv’s president was elected a board member of the BalticManagementDevelopment Association-BMDA.  For the first time in the history of the BMDA non-EU country representative sits on the organization board;

MIM-Kyiv and BMDA are launching their International Leadership Yachting Program. You are welcome to explore it and register for it at посиланням.

Best wishes for 2022!