11 November 2021

MIM-Kyiv and DC Link Group launched a joint Retail Academy. The new project builds on what both parties can do best: MIM-Kyiv’s management development expertise and  DC-Link’s knowledge of growing business. 

- Our idea is to create a platform for IT and electronics retail businesses to help them network, share experience, and learn the latest trends and cases of macroeconomics, management, and strategic marketing. We are covering a very special area of selling everything electronic from IT to home appliances, Vadym Saveliev, DC Link Group business development director and MIM-Kyiv professor of marketing.

DC Link Group is a long-term friend of MIM-Kyiv. More than 50 managers of the company have been taking the school’s programs. Oleksii Vynogradov, MIM-Kyiv’s vice president mentioned in his welcome speech that business education helps to create a vision, understand business processes, and structure and summarize the acquired experience.

- Business education in Ukraine is different from abroad where younger people are getting degrees and starting from managerial positions. Ukrainians prefer executive education. The average age in class is 34 – 38. Our shortest program is six-month-long. We help to develop a vision and to lay a solid foundation for managerial decision-making, Oleksii explained. 

New projects launched at MIM-Kyiv are the best evidence of the quality of its programs. Yevhen Tolchilin-Burunsky, commercial director of the DC Link Group and MIM-Kyiv professor paid special attention to the close connections between MIM-Kyiv and successful companies. Many of them like DC Link Group believe that their success is much the result of their executives’ studies at MIM-Kyiv. 

- The Academy is an excellent example of a working partnership. Long-term relationship, the development of joint strategies, mutual protection resulting in a healthy revenue stream makes partnerships valuable, Yevhen explained. 

Mykhailo Kukhar, Oleksii Vynogradov, Irena Ulianova, well-known MIM-Kyiv faculty are teaching at the program.