MIM-Kyiv Recommends Series Are Updated!

Ukrainian translation of the Bezonomics: How Amazon Is Changing Our Lives and What the World's Best Companies Are Learning from It was released as the part of the MIM-Kyiv Recommends Series, a joint project with the BookChef Publishing House.

28 October 2020

Business people from all over the world are trying to distill the secret of Amazon’s success, It is only natural that it was an opening release for the ongoing partnership of MIM-Kyiv and BookChef publishing house. 

Jeff Bezos is the business story of the decade. It took him 5 years to become a man of the year and make a front page of Time magazine from a humble beginning of the small internet bookstore. In 2018 – 2019 Forbes ranked Bezos the richest person. On August 25 his wealth reached $200 billion for the first time in history.  

Bezonomics unveils the underlying principles Jeff Bezos uses to achieve his dominance—customer obsession, extreme innovation, and long-term management, all supported by artificial intelligence—and shows how these are being borrowed and replicated by companies across the United States, in China, and elsewhere. Brian Dumaine shares tips for Amazon-proofing your business. Most important, Bezonomics answers the fundamental question: How are Amazon and its imitators affecting the way we live, and what can we learn from them?