MIM-Kyiv Hosts Entrepreneurship and Education Reform Discussion

22 January 2016

MIM-Kyiv partnered with Handicraft Chamber of Ukraine within the East Invest II project framework. As part of the partnersip MIM-Kyiv participated in the discussion of the entrepreneurial and vocational education reform implemented by the EU Commission. MIM-Kyiv has become a strategic partner of the Handicraft Chamber of Ukraine. It provides its expertise in the reform of entrepreneurial education.

In mid-January Handicraft Chamber of Ukraine, SEQUA (Germany) and EVEA (Estonia), members of the consortium realizing the project visited MIM-Kyiv and conducted sessions on the entrepreneurial education reform and development. Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova, welcomed the participants. Officials from the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine took part in the discussion.

Discussion was followed by the seminar on the development of the SMB sector. Estonian representatives’ experience was absolutely critical for the participants as they successfully implemented the reforms reinforcing their entrepreneurs and SMB community. German partners offered their knowledge of international cooperation and their assistance in bringing best international practices in Ukraine.

Currently, MIM-Kyiv is cooperating with the participants on development of the number of the programs for the SMB sector and small entrepreneurs.