MIM Business School Consulting Center Is Launched

07 March 2018

MIM’s 30 years of successful operations resulted in establishment of its Consulting Center. Olexiy Vynogradov, MIM’s Vice President said about MIM’s new consulting arm, “Alumni and faculty keep in touch with each other, ask for advice and discuss different cases. At certain point the requests got flowing in regularly. Si it was clear that we need peoples and knowledge systems to meet the demand.”

Even the most successful managers and entrepreneurs sometimes need an outside view. Vadym Saveliev explained, “If you want just a business face-lift, your own experienced managers are your right choice. But if you need a total makeover or expansion you’d better ask outside experts to help.” Lubov Tsymbal, finance consultant explained that when business people face financial accounting, primary data quality issues and risks they need expertise which Consulting Center was able to provide.
Vitaly Ysopa, MIM’s professor and ISO auditor especially mentioned that having that kind of expertise in-house was too unreasonable both expenses wise and expertise wise. “Consultants’ task is to trigger, teach and explain rather than trouble shooting. A good consultant is always about producing maximum result at the least possible cost,” he summarized the event.