03 March 2022

In these tragic days for Ukraine, the Baltic Management Development Association - BMDA board stands together with the people of Ukraine who are defending their democracy, freedom and independence. Association strongly condemn the aggression of Russia against the people of Ukraine who are fighting to protect their sovereignty and the right to live in a democratic society.

An extraordinary meeting was held on March 2, focusing on the following issues:

-The letter to all members of BMDA asking them officially declare their condemsion of agression, including Russian and Belarus schools

-Halting cooperation with Russian and Belarus schools from now (does not matter their condemn or not) until the war will be stoped

-Asking all members talk, share info and spread message about Russian aggression.

Recall that in November 2021, MIM President Irina Tikhomirova was elected BMDA Vice President. Thus, for the first time, a representative of Ukraine is in the leadership of the BMDA.