14 May 2019

The Baltic Management Development Association (BMDA) recognized MIM’s significant impact by giving it a special award. It is especially valuable because BMDA is focused on the induction of the quality of management development in the Baltic region and beyond. MIM-Kyiv was the first business school to be awarded by the association.

The award was given for MIM’s for significant 30 years Impact on Ukrainian entrepreneurship development and its integration into the European and Global World economy in general, as well as for the outstanding impact on the creation of the new vision and practice for of Management education in Ukraine, the BMDA informs.

“The first” is arguably the best description of MIM’s activities. Started 30 years ago, in 1989 MIM-Kyiv has become the first business education provider in Eastern Europe. It created the market of business education in Ukraine and has been its leader which is proved by numerous international rankings.

“We the first to launch MBA programs, to tailor to programs to meet each company needs, to do international modules in the USA and South Africa, use business simulations just to mention the few of our “firstness”. However, the development of management education, understanding the need for quality business education in Ukraine and creating the industry in Ukraine is one of the most important implications of our activities. Through all our activities we have been developing the business environment. Our partnership programs, such as MBA in PA and Mayors’ School we were teaching public officials to secure the quality of human capital in the public sector. We are delighted that our colleagues from the BMDA recognized our 30 anniversary by starting the award especially for us,” Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova, MIM’s President.