17 February 2022

New Crafting Business Makers School (CBMS), an online program that MIM-Kyiv implements in partnership with the Handicraft Chamber of Ukraine have started. The program is aimed at the enhancement of creative industries through delivering managerial knowledge and skills. Its online format makes the program accessible to craftsmen from all over Ukraine.

32 craftsmen joined this year's program. They are in various businesses – from jewelry and apparel to sweets and toys. Most of the program participants apply upscaling technologies or recycle instead of using new raw materials.

Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova, MIM-Kyiv president in her warm welcome said that Maryna Popovych, the founder of the Handicraft Chamber had conceived this idea when she had studied at MIM-Kyiv. She also wished the participants to develop the projects fit for scaling their businesses.

- We have been cooperating for many years. People come to MIM-Kyiv and stay with us for new developments and joint projects. Maryna’s MBA project has grown into the institution of support of crafts business in Ukraine. Our first CBMS program was successful. It is our second program that builds on the strengths of the previous one. It is very result-oriented. We want you all to prepare your business plans that support your real-life business ambitions.

Maryna Popovych, the founder and the CEO of the Handicraft Chamber of Ukraine and MIM-Kyiv’s MBA 2005 said that she has always been bored by concentrating on her personal challenges. She understood that the industry suffered from the framework gaps that unless bridged would have blocked the whole industry development. The image of artisans as folk craftsmen was one of the most daring challenges. Nowadays, reputation is different.

- I am proud to be MIM-Kyiv MBA. It was so different from what the Ukrainian educational system was offering then! In 2007 we established an organization that supports Ukrainian craftsmen. We did our best to change the image of the handicraft community. We see them as successful entrepreneurs who stand on their own two feet and pay taxes. E.g. in Germany craftsmanship is an economic phenomenon. Handicraft is not folk craft, it is a small-scale industry. “

With our membership in the various international bodies of small-scale industries, we can involve support to our craftsmen from the European community.” Elizaveta Miroshnichenko, Secretary-General of the Handicraft Chamber of Ukraine and GNR.NEXT-2020 program graduate. CBMS is one of the collaboration cases supported by the EU program “Creative Europe” and WeCreate UA digital platform.