26 July 2021

The “Veterans. Business. Opportunities.” forum was dedicated to opportunities that businesses offer to the veterans. It was organized by the Come Back Alive foundation and Ministry of Veterans jointly with the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine. Iryna Tykhomyrova, the president of MIM-Kyiv made a presentation on business education and its role in personal and business development. She paid special attention to the fact that business education is for those who have achievements and want to grow further. In such cases, business schools offer expertise and an environment that promotes the exchange of experiences. Veterans’ experience is a serious contribution relevant to the business community.

The international dimension is an important element of MIM-Kyiv’s activities. “We were established as an international business school. We have experiences from the IMD, a Swiss leading business school, Carnegie Mellon University in the U.S. with its experience of teaching veterans, Stellenbosch Business School, the best in Africa, and CEIBS, #2 globally and the best in Asia. I am talking about our partnerships because having partners, international experience drives growth. Our education helps build a better future with the help of the best experience from all over the world adapted to our conditions,” Iryna Tykhomyrova said. She also explained that business education is a serious investment with good and long-term returns. It also indicates determination because good education requires time and effort. If a person has a will, he has the way. 

Ihor Kravchenko agrees with such an opinion. He is a founder of Alatyr Invest, a MIM-Kyiv graduate, and a veteran. He supports other veterans but is against helping those people who are not ready to help themselves. “We help the veterans to adapt to the normal life. Work and social activities are the best adaptation tools. It works for almost everyone. But the adaptation of veterans is a long way with many challenges along with it. We are talking about work which means mutual obligations and rights. There must be a fit of real position that needs filling, competencies, and readiness to work. Paying salary with the hope that a person would learn someday is a bad solution. The more elaborate the employment “pre-nuptials”, the better is the way,” Ihor shares his experience. He thinks that it was his studies at MIM-Kyiv that helped him to cope with challenges and reach good business results.