MIM-Kyiv Temporarily Shifts On-Line

18 March 2020

MIM-Kyiv Temporarily Shifts On-Line

We are all experiencing the VUCA world first-hand. Since March 12th we have had a quarantine to prevent COVID-19 spread. Many institutions are closed. But not us! We are moving to the on-line format.

All our current students do not need to put on hold their classes. All those who planned to take programs this spring are welcome to join us because our programs will kick off exactly as they are scheduled. Moreover, we are continuing our spring Pre-MBA enrollment. All programs will start as planned:

Our graduates also do not need to worry. We are holding our Masters’ defense on-line. Oksana Radkovska, Business Unit Manager for Arterium Corporation and MBA 2020 shared her impressions:

On the one hand, it was not easy because I’m used to public speaking. I enjoy talking to audiences, see people, and feel them. I could not do that on-line. On the other hand, I had my computer with me which means no bad surprises. I was very concentrated and I was following my own pace of the presentation. For those who do not like public speaking on-line is arguably the best solution.

It is very different from the public defense at school. When it is possible, it becomes a very special event. I believe that when the quarantine is over on-line will be used for interim defenses only because it has its advantages.