23 August 2022

Pre-MBA “Management & Leadership” are upgraded to meet the new challenges. Oleksandr Sudarkin, the program director, highlighted new developments in the program:

Is it worthwhile to spend time mastering leadership techniques when everything is changing so quickly?

“Our management and leadership professors are practitioners. They combine theoretical knowledge with personal professional experience. This blend is critical because if you build on your practical experience only, you are past-oriented. If you are not versed in theory, you waste the time on inventing the wheel.”

Can you teach management? Isn’t on-job training better?

“I take two things into account. Firstly, it is the alumni’s assessment over time. When managers say that the program is useful over time, it mitigates the risk of emotional feedback and proves the usefulness of the program. Secondly, we take into account the feedback from team members about their leaders before and after the program. Usually, team members say: “We have no idea about the program, but he/she is much easier to work with. There is trust, delegation, and support.” It is a source of inspiration for us.”

How often do you upgrade the programs? When do you start the new intake?

“We are amending our programs constantly. In 2022 – 2023 we have completely modified to meet the new challenges. It is more compressed with more content in a concise form. It also employs more technological developments. Last but not the least, its content accounts for our new reality. The new intake kicks off On October 25, 2022.