11 January 2022

In early 2022, 5.5 million Ukrainians owned cryptocurrency. It is 13% of global ownership. Mining, blockchain, NFT, you name it, are part of the finance system and often its drivers. The global financial community keeps an eye on crypto. Such respectable media outlets as Bloomberg or CNBC cover it regularly. MIM-Kyiv has incorporated it into upgraded Pre-MBA “Financial Management”.

- It was important to expand the program rather than completely change it. To do so, we introduced two courses on the digitalization of finance. We believe that we could create a comprehensive understanding of what is going on in global finance. We followed the program's structure and approaches. Due to the upgrade, the program has become concise and relevant, Volodymyr Danko, the program director and professor of finance said.

Within the program, the students will get acquainted with digital assets, review the cases of bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. Tokens, their nature, and their ability to function as money and service corporations will be another focal point of the new courses. The program will cover all aspects of crypto from distributed ledger to the evolution of money.

Serhii Bondarenko, head of the digital solutions office for the DTEK and head of the Standardization Technical Committee will teach the courses. 

- The course aim is to help understand the terminology, learn what cryptocurrencies can and cannot do, and master security skills. The students will learn about the role of cryptocurrency in finance transformation, economies and legal frameworks, and the future of central banks and banks. They will learn how to manage personal cryptocurrency wallets, the fundamentals of crypto exchange operations, etc. 

When Volodymyr Danko participated in the global research of finance digitalization, he decided that the program needs to be complemented by the appropriate courses. He says that the program is unique because it integrates digital and classic finance management. Crypto will be challenging financial systems and students need to be ready for those shifts. 

- We are trying to be a step ahead rather than merely react to the changes. The program is transformed to help students stay relevant for at least 5 – 10 years to come.