12 July 2018

CSR is might be a buzz word for Ukrainian business community but many are sure that PR or charity are the closest synonyms. Why care about the CSR and if it could be help business wise were the topic for discussion at the Marketing Café meeting in MIM.

Anna Zakharash, PR director of the Kyivstar, Ukraine’s leading mobile provider believes that CSR should be embedded in a company’s philosophy. In her opinion CSR is good business as well. She proved her point by telling about Kyivstar’s research, “The results showed that people who were aware of our CSR activities are more loyal to our company,” said she. However, on Anna’s opinion CSR should be combined with good business performance, otherwise new clients would not care about the company.
Svitlana Pugach, “Tabletochki” charity foundation representative explained that Ukrainians are ready for charity. For 7 years individuals (65%) and corporations (35%) have contributed to the foundation which managed to help more than 2,000 sick children.

Olena Lobova, Change Communication co-founder told that for many multinational companies CSR is the part of their day-to-day activities, whereas for many Ukrainian companies it is yet another PR or marketing activity. But some business owners truly believe in the CSR ideas and they work and live by them.

Kateryna Zasukha, managing partner for Effective Communication firm believes that CSR is much more than marketing effort. In her opinion CSR is merely fulfilling businesses’ basic obligations.