20 July 2022

The Diia. Business is added to the Diia, the e-governance and governmental services created by the Ministry of Digital Transformation in 2021. The new section contains the information necessary for business opportunities for Ukrainians at home and abroad.

Andrii Remizov, acting director of the governmental Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office presented the product and explained how it could be useful for doing business.

- The Diia.Business consists of two parts. There is an online portal for entrepreneurs. The information is presented in the form of 20 digital services. There are 12 brick-and-mortar offices in Ukrainian regions and Warsaw. The Warsaw office helps our temporarily displaced people run businesses in compliance with all the requirements.

- More than 40 types of consulting are offered through the Diia.Business. The consultations vary from advising on the business plan to tax planning. Your first contact with the portal is through the helper. After that the customized road map, a document explaining which experts you should address and how to contact the consultant. So far, our experts with at least three years of consulting or successful entrepreneurial experience provided nearly 6 thousand consultations.

- Future entrepreneurs can visit the “Find an idea” section. It contains more than 100 business ideas for various industries.

There is a section “Business in Wartime”. It features information about governmental support, funding, business relocation, loan programs, taxation modifications, export, initiatives for business, etc. Support of Ukrainians abroad is our priority as well.

We also have the "Cases and News" section where we update the information about available grants, competitions, educational projects, and programs. We also share success stories.

- We offer information about the large-scale program “5-7-9. Accessible loans” implemented by Entrepreneurship Development Fun, its partners, and the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine in the Business in Wartime section. E.g., according to The Ministry of Finance's weekly analytics, agricultural companies borrow the largest amounts.

Businesses can receive up to 6 million hryvnias loans often combined with the support programs, some have zero interest rates.

We are making a special online instrument to review if your business fit the program. If so, the program participants choose the bank that is best for them.

- Recently, we launched a credit and insurance program for Ukrainian exporters looking for insuring their export contracts or find loans for those contracts. We partnered with the Export Credit Agency for this program. They automatically insure the loan against failure to execute the contract or pat back the loan. The program is fresh. Oshchadbank and Ukrgasbank participate in the program.

- ERobota or EWork is a large-scale national governmental program. Under the program, people can obtain up to 250 thousand hryvnias grants to start their new business. It is aimed at revitalizing the economy by encouraging people with microgrants that need not be paid back. Application and evaluation are through Diia service. The total budget of the program is 5 billion hryvnias. 20 thousand grants are planned for this year.

There are two specialized programs for agricultural businesses to reimburse the cost of starting gardens and hothouses. Another program is co0funding when the government matches 30% of funds of agrarian businesses with 70%.

- We also have a special section for exporters. It is a website with export-oriented many services. We release the information on changes in customs policies, educational opportunities, new markets, etc. on daily basis. We also offer a calendar of exhibitions and fairs abroad. It is a good instrument for finf=ding international partners.

- You can find analytics in the Countries and Markets section. It features such industries as food processing, manufacturing, furniture making, pharma, cosmetics, creative, chemical, IT, retail, and agriculture. We offer sector reviews as well. Markets did not change much except for Russian and Belarus businesses were banned and exited. That’s why we did special research on their former export destinations. Our exporters have a good chance to substitute them.

- I would like to pay your attention to the Export in Wartime section. It has a service of partner matching. To use the service entrepreneurs, need to fill in a questionnaire. After that, we add up the company to our English-speaking online catalog. We do initial contact as well and then entrepreneurs interact directly. It is for free and support by the government.For more information visit the  record of the MIM.Economic Front..