03 August 2022

Yevhenia Bluznuk presented the results of the wartime research in the episode of “MIM. Economic Front”. 

The research market has changed dramatically because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the war. Most respondents are not inclined to answer interviewers. Migration caused by the Russian invasion complicates things. Researchers use various digital tools to collect information about public sentiment in Ukraine.

Yevhenia Bluznuk, CEO and founder of the Gradus Research company and the Corestone Group agency. Before that, she worked for 1+1 Media and StarLightMedia and in 2014 – 2016 oversaw the Analytics Department at the Administration of the President of Ukraine.

On research market drivers

COVID pandemic with its distance working prepared us for the situation. As a result, we are not stopped by the digital lifestyle and online meetings. During the pandemic, we understood that face-to-face interviews are very difficult to arrange. No wonder, people did not open doors because of health issues. Now they do not open doors because they are afraid to be killed. We do not have access to several regions. So, we moved online and telephoned. We cannot do much more now. Besides, sociologists do not have information about the number of people remaining in the occupied territories, or the number of people who left abroad or moved inside Ukraine. They also have no idea about the structure of those groups. There are official numbers, but they are not finalized yet. Combat zones are also a kind of grey zone.

On Research Instruments

Telephone interviews work because we can have a better representation. However, we have no idea how mobile operators’ customer databases have changed. We are dealing with an error that we cannot assess. A digital survey online is another way to receive information. Whether it is qualitative or quantitative research or in-depth interview we are making very effective use of them. Moreover, it makes the research cheaper as we do not need to travel. People can fill in questionnaires where and when it is convenient for them. It is good for research. We are using the app with 50 thousand users. It is enough to provide for adequate representation. We can work with any kind of temporarily displaced persons or those who stayed at home.

On Attitude to Research

People mostly openly answer about the region they stay in. Ukrainians are glad to answer questions. We appreciate the opportunity to have our say and share the experience. People want to be heard and to make an impact on decisions.

On digital research advantages

Digital panels and smartphone panels bring quality and speed. Our company accomplishes governmental assignments in several hours. The Cabinet of Ministers is one of our special clients. We are doing a lot of work for it and they are satisfied with the speed. They place the order in the morning and have the report with recommendations in the evening. Our price is 1000 dollars for a thousand short panel interviews and 3500 dollars for targeted interviews with a more complicated representation. It is not over the top market-wise.

On Ukrainians’ public sentiment

We have been monitoring the stress index since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. When the pandemic started we thought Ukrainians to be overstressed because 77% of Ukrainians were in the high or rather high-stress zone. However, in April 2022, the stress index reached 87%. Women are more stressed and anxious than men. 18 – 24 years old group is the most stressed likely because they have not seen as many crises as older people. People are nervous because of war followed by financial worries and fear of poverty. Many people lost jobs or have their income reduced. In August the situation is going to be aggravated by direct inflation and hryvnia devaluation.

On Victory

Ukrainians are sure that we will win and come back home. It is a very positive indicator because many experts talk about psychological fatigue caused by the war. However, it does not impact on the confidence and expectations of the victory. Ukrainians are sure that they can rebuff the aggression. For more information about public sentiment in Ukraine visit the record of the  MIM.Economic Front  .