21 April 2021

Lack of women – executives, especially in technology companies is typical for Ukraine. There is no direct discrimination and the legal framework is not an object to women’s careers. However, the real-life situation is different. It requires cultural changes.

Nadia Omelchenko, the IT.Integrator VP said: “I do remember how it was at the beginning of my career. Women worked in support functions, mostly HR, administration, PR, etc. Men were bosses. Throughout my career, I have been hearing diminishing comments about women’s professional or managerial capabilities of women. When people are acting according to those comments, it is even worse. I understand that legal and regulatory instruments are enough to protect but not enough to promote.  The whole situation requires cultural changes. My background is in linguistics and psychology. I also hold an MBA degree from MIM-Kyiv, our prominent business school. Now I am teaching HR there. I believe that education is an excellent problem solver. That’s why I had launched several educational initiatives that later turned into a comprehensive program.”

Nadia established in-companies programs aimed at career development and securing equal access to career opportunities within the company. The in-company activities were complemented by the support participation of the “Girls in STEM” program aimed at attracting school girls to STEM professions.