16 November 2020

On November 13, the new classes of Pre-MBAFinancial Management” and Pre-MBA
Management and Leadership” kicked off.

As usual, the expectations are high. Oleksandr Kravets, the CEO of the Ukrainian Mineral
Fertilizers company and the student of the Financial Management program said: “Firstly, I
need to speak common language with my financiers. Secondly, I want to be able to use
financial models to assess new investments. Thirdly, I want to understand potential
problems before they evolve as problems. In other words, I need my knowledge and skills
in finance upgraded”.

Taras Gordiychuk, sales director of the “Nashe Radio” radio station, the graduate of MIM-Kyiv’s Pre-MBA “Marketing” joined the “Management and Leadership” program. He was promoted after graduation from the program, so Taras decided on taking the “M&L”. He
said: “Currently, we are enhancing the managerial practices in our company and are applying what I have learnt at the previous program. In 2021 we are launching the new formats and new projects. It is possible because of the knowledge and skills obtained at MIM-Kyiv. I am here because I have a managerial position now and I want to know how to organize good team work”.

Iryna Tykhomyrova welcomed both classes. In her welcome to financial class he spoke
about the role of finance in companies. She said: “Marketing, finance and management
are three pillars of any business. Finance pillar is a kind of a mediator between the two
others. At the end of the program you will view any business as a system”.

When welcoming “M&L” students she said: “Business is about people. Here you will learn how to
align interests of the people working for your business and the business itself”.

All on-campus classes at MIM-Kyiv are conducted in strict compliance with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine requirements and recommendations of the WHO.