Refreshed “Business Processes” pre-MBA Program presentation

18 February 2018

Nearly 170 people attended the first in 2018 master class on business processes by Prof. Vitaly Tsopa. The master class covered the following topics: business processes management fundamentals; processes toolbox; and comprehensive viewpoint on the processes. He also discussed managerial efficiency and effectiveness, functions and processes, hierarchies and horizontal structures. Risk awareness was also one of the focal points of the discussion.

Hanna Yankovets, MIM’s graduate, and Lean Global Network Ukraine representative joint Prov. Tsopa. She presented “lean” principles, technologies and instruments. Grigory Berdnikov, another MIM’s graduate and senior advisor of the Lean Global Network Ukraine also participated in the presentation. He presented his case of “lean” strategy implementation in Ukraine.
“Managers are responsible for efficiency and effectiveness. They should always follow their businesses strategies, keep in mind their operations, not to forget managerial accounting and lead their teams. These are exactly what we are teaching at our programs,” Prof. Tsopa said.