NORVIK BANKA People Speak to Financial Club Meeting Participants IFRS 9 and other financial reporting changes were discussed at the meeting

27 February 2018

This Club meeting was devoted to the banking sector and changes in the financial reporting. Oliver Bramwell, CFA, chairman of the Board, Dmitry Kalmykov, and Denis Novikov talked about new technologies related regulations and trends relevant for Ukraine and CIS countries.

First of all, Dmitry Kalmykov described assets purchases and selling and new rules regulating those transactions. Secondly, Denis Novikov covered the new IFRS #9. He paid special attention to the financial instruments definitions, classification and evaluation. The new standard caused lively discussion. Finally, Oliver Bramwell shared his experience of staying successful in the uncertain and fast-changing world. According to him, ability to prioritize and focus on the top priorities are keys to doing well.