12 April 2022

Irena Ulianova, an expert in sales strategy and management, distribution, and assortment management and MIM-Kyiv permanent visiting professor discussed Europeans can support Ukraine by buying locally manufactured goods in the episode of the “MIM. Economic Front” series.

- The project “Consolidated Entrance to the European Markets” has decided on founding the “Volia” trademark. It has Ukrainian national colors and offers several messages. Firstly, it is the quality of Ukrainian goods to creates and reinforces the trust in our quality. Secondly, it has an invincible and resilient character. By buying Volia goods Europeans can contribute to our army and our course.  It is important for them and us. Surveys prove that Europeans are ready to buy Volia goods if they can shop for them in the supermarkets, Irena explains.

Manufacturers - project participants may put the trademark in their products. They also have the access to a unified negotiation system with the key European clients, especially in the countries that host most Ukrainian temporary displaced persons. The number of Ukrainians impacts public sentiment in those countries.

- We are negotiating the distribution channels for Volia goods. We have already started talking to Aldi, Lidl, and Haufland. I believe, that we can start supplies in a couple of months. We are promoting them and thus involve Europeans in our fight.

Our other project is in the west of Ukraine. It is called the “Agro Food Tech Relocation Cluster” and is designed for those who need to diversify production sites' geographies. It combines several services such as packaging, shipment, and storage. Thus, the producers can outsource multiple processes to the project and thus cut costs.

- Many countries have very strict certifications. If your manufacturing site is old, certification is practically impossible. If owners have at least part of their production site, their manufacturing chain is designed for certification. The cluster’s founders and managers will work with certification bodies. It means that producers will have access to the appropriate consulting services, Irena tells us.

Participation in the cluster facilitates the creation of new products and collaboration. The cluster is located close to Poland with the shortest logistic chain in Europe.

- Cluster registered in Europe is yet another opportunity. European companies – cluster residents will represent Ukrainian interests in Europe and the global markets – Irena says.

You can access the full episode here.