25 March 2022

After the first episode of the "MIM Toolbox," it became clear that people need advice on coping with emotions. Vsevolod Zelenin, MIM-Kyiv’s visiting professor, and CEO for ZeleninLab provided his recommendations.
Vsevolod explained how we should avoid panic and continue working for our victory.
- Information detox is critical. To do so, spend 10 – 20 minutes doing something enjoyable e.g. listening to music, walking or talking to nice people. Whenever you can, go for a walk and enjoy the landscape. You need positive emotions. Thinking about Mariupol cannot change the situation, our military can. But you can control your mind.
- When you are getting sluggish, try to “launch” your activities even if you hate them. Create everyday routines. They are helping you to overcome apathy. Keep your home tidy and do something that you were avoiding before the war. You need meaning that helps you get up every morning.
- If you get trapped in sluggishness, allow yourself some 15- 20 minutes for that. And start planning your afterword actions. It should be something very simple, such as watering flowers or washing dishes. Everyday routine is very important especially when you do not live at home.
- Stop playing “Putin” or making other people do what you think they should. Unless people are doing something illegal like taking pictures of our militaries let them do what they want to. It is the wrong time for quarreling. Quarrels add up negativity instilled by the Russian propaganda. Just follow the “Let’s agree to disagree” approach.
- On one hand, we need to see the big picture now. Dream about our victory or business revival. On the other hand, you need to plan short-term. Half a day now may overturn everything.
- As a team leader, minimize deconstructive communications. Sometimes, it is better to work in smaller groups. So far, leaders should be great coordinators to decide who/what/when/why, etc.
- You need to work with positive people. Even the best professionals are suffering from toxicity. Let them cope with the situation and then join the efforts.