15 December 2021

MIM-Kyiv hosted a conference dedicated to the discussion of the implication of the Law of Ukraine “On Energy Efficiency” that had come into effect recently. Governmental officials and civic activists, representatives of local authorities and international institutions, experts, and academia participated in the discussion of potential challenges and opportunities presented by the new Law. 

- Energy efficiency and renewable energy are two main drivers of energy safety. If Ukraine could have implemented energy efficiency similar to the Polish ones, we wouldn’t have needed any energy imports. Energy efficiency sounds simple but it is a true challenge for all of us, Oleksandr Dombrovsky, chairman of the “Global 100% RE Ukraine” Association of green energy producers and environmentalists, and energy efficiency safety. The Association’s task is to promote green energy and transition to green energy and slow down global warming. 

Iryna Tykhomyrova in her welcome speech said: 

- We do not believe in being successful in a failing country. Partnerships promote success. Joint activities of organizations with shared goals and vision make success practically inevitable. MIM-Kyiv and Global 100% RE Ukraine share the vision. We will continue our discussions and contribute to solving the energy efficiency problems. 

According to Yulia Pidkomorna, Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine “On Energy Efficiency” creates opportunities for modernization of the energy sector by making energy efficiency beneficial both for residential and industrial users.