How Gadgets Addiction and Gaming Impact Consumers’ Behavior

26 February 2018

Gadget and gaming were discussed at the Book Club meeting which MIM conducts together with the Book Chef Publishing house. The discussion was triggered by the release of the Ukrainian translation of the IRRESISTIBLE by Adam Alter.

Valentyn Kalashnyk, founder, and CEO of the OSDirect, Denys Melnykov, gadgets director of the Kyivstar, and Olena Rubanets, HR director of the Watsons chain of stores in Ukraine. Dr. Vadym Saveliev, MIM’s professor, and business consultant moderated the event.

Gaming and everyday life. Results unpredictability and blurred lines between different processes are stealing our attention. Activities which are impossible to finish turned out to be the worst. Experts believe that it happens because accomplishing something is our need.

Is Generation theory true? Strauss–Howe generational theory was another topic for discussion. Valentyn Kalashnyk mentioned that working with younger generation was difficult as they were “vaccinated” against difficulties, lacked specialized knowledge (google it!) and hated humdrum. On the other hand, he also mentioned that they were able to accomplish things on their own, mostly due to our nowadays lifestyle. Vadym Saveliev confirmed that students had capsule thinking.

Denys Melnykov believed that such a mindset was an advantage. “Why waste time on learning things which could be found? Why reinvent the wheel? I believe that younger generation performs better because they are open to the new things and are focused on accomplishing new tasks, Denys said.

Hating mundane was merely a reaction to technology. Olena Rubanets whose team has people from three different generations shared her experience of dealing with the newest generations in the workplace. She strongly believes that such diversity presents new opportunities and creates a competitive edge.

Does gaming work in a workplace? “KPI system known for its effectiveness has gambling element and thus gets people involved,” Denys Melnykov believes. Watsons practices happiness index. Being ranked high on the index means striking life-work balance.

Vadym Saveliev wrapped the discussion up by saying, “Are social changes and game mode good or bad? Nobody knows the answer. The only certain thing is that changes are inevitable.”