“I Would Invest in Ukraine Now,” Says Garry Jacobs

06 October 2016

On October, 4 Mr. Garry Jacobs, a consultant on business management and economic development, author, CEO of the World Academy of Art and Science, member of the Club of Rome and one of the prominent thinkers of today delivered his presentation and moderated the discussion on winners’ mindsets at MIM-Kyiv.

Based on his more than 40 years of studying what he called a vital corporations, human capital and sustainable growth he concentrated on the following ideas:
1. Human energy. In Mr. Jacobs opinion energy is generated when people understand why they want to do something. People should be motivated to double their profit. When people are happy, they are bursting with energy critical to achieve something. The more energy people invest, the more they achieve.

2. Leaders are able to transform energy into power. Mr. Jacobs believe that energy is not enough to reach the goals. Energy needs vector to transform into power and that is what leaders do. It is the time for organizations to appear. Organizations have unlimited capacity of improvement. They can grow and develop as long as they are able to use the available energy.

3. Values. They establish the rules for managing power of organizations. Mr. Jacobs described the example of the Apple which he thinks became such a success because Mr. Jobs understood the values and needs of the whole generation. He introduced the idea of value people had not known before. According to Mr. Jacobs, it is what leadership and values are about – to identify the values which people accept as their own. Values make authorities work, not the institutions.

Mr. Jacobs wrapped up his meeting by sharing his vision of Ukraine’s future. He said that Ukraine was a young country and it needed time to establish sensible governance system. He also mentioned that whatever Ukraine did it needed time because reforms usually took a lot of time. He stressed it was high time to invest in Ukraine as the country had fantastic human capital. Mr. Jacobs finished his lecture by saying that although he did not know how long it would take to strike the right development formula and right leaders but Ukraine was doomed to become a model for the rest.