05 June 2020

What are future public administrators studying at MIM-Kyiv?

Currently, MIM-Kyiv is running the GNR.Next, a highly specialized program in administration for public servants for nearly 90 students. It is the second program of MIM-Kyiv and Garik Korogodsky, a well-known Ukrainian entrepreneur.

“We are doing this program because we want to contribute to the development of Ukraine. We want our public servants to understand the role and of business for the national economy and its needs. Furthermore, we want both parties to establish a win-win relationship,” Iryna Tykhomyrova, the president of MIM-Kyiv said.

Business education for public administration

Students master their managerial skills in strategic planning, marketing, and finance courses. Due to those courses, they obtain tools equally applicable to running a business and serving at the governmental agency. You have to be able to think strategically, crunch numbers; identify target audiences and communication channels, etc. whether you are implementing business projects, changing operations of a ministry, or launching social initiatives.

Communication competencies, cross-cultural management, psychology, conflict management, and other soft skills comprise a substantial portion of the program. Understanding global political and economic landscape as well as how the wheels of state are turning are is yet another focal point of the program.

Garik and his Team

Garik Korogodsky takes care of each Saturday studies. He invites business and public administration practitioners to talk to the class. Dmytro Dubilet, former Minister of the Cabinet Office and founder of the Monobank, the first Ukrainian purely Fintech based banking product, Yuri Holi, former advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine and entrepreneur has already confirmed their classes.

Those speakers teach what they can do best: apply business skills to public administration and to be resilient when it comes to the public sector or any other big project.

Generation.UA Mentors

Alumni of the Generation.UA, the initial program of MIM-Kyiv and Garik Korogodsky joint project are holding posts in governmental agencies, the National Bank of Ukraine, Reforms office, etc. 4 of them are mentoring GNR.Next students. They share their public sector experience and discuss the challenges. Mentors give career advice to the new students and talk about their successful and not-so-successful cases.

The program will be delivered in 6 months. It has a valuable practical element: doing a project aimed at reforms’ support and improvement of the efficiency of public service.