For the second year in a raw MIM-Kyiv has been Educational Partner of the CMO of the Year National Competition.

03 October 2019

Kostyantyn Rozhyn, CMO of the general hospital in Bilopillya, Sumy Region was recognized the Best CMO in Ukraine and awarded MIM-Kyiv grant for Pre-MBA Business Program. He said that he would take the program.

“Change is a new reality which cannot be avoided. Stability is a new luxury. We must change to build a new reality. I am not going stop, I will move forward,” Kostyantyn Rozhyn said during the awarding ceremony.

Kostynatyn is a true innovator, always one step ahead. He is digitalizing his hospital. It is now ready to implement telemedicine and e-sick leaves. He has already implemented the mobile app due. Due to the app people can set the appointment with doctors, track patients’ e-cards changes, send vital data to the physicians, etc. with their smartphones.  Kostyantyn mentioned that unfortunately not all the patients are actively using the app yet.

“Running healthcare institutions require current managerial skills. That’s why MIM-Kyiv supports national “The Best CMO” competition. For the second consecutive year, we are awarding the grant for our Pre-MBA “Business” program. The program has the same structure and rationale as classical MBA. It is shorter and does not have an international module. But it is a good opportunity to master fundamental business skills in a shorter time. We hope that this year winner will make the most of it,” Iryna Tykhomyrova, MIM-Kyiv president said.

“Support of those who are affected by the public health reform is one of our priorities. That’s why “Health Platform” civil organization joined the “Best CMO” competition. This time we established the Society – Government – Business triangle. This triangle makes public health reform possible. This year Best CMO is a digitalizer. 2020 is announced to be the Year of Digitalization. Hope that this year winner’s experience will enable change,” Tymofiy Badikov, Chairman of the Health Platform and MIM-Kyiv MBA student said.