Oleksandr Dombrovsky, the CEO of the Eco-Enregy MHP talked about the new rules in the fast-changing world with the SE MBA class.

05 November 2020

Change and disruption have always been there. The only difference nowadays is the speed of change. Oleksandr Dombrovsky, the CEO of the Eco-Energy MHP, the green energy provider, believes that it is innovations that fuel the speed.

“Innovative technologies drive disruption in our world,” Oleksandr said. “If we are striving for the comprehensive growth of a business, if we want to thrive we need to innovate quickly. Otherwise, business could not survive”.

Digital and environmental are the key global trends. “Digital revolutionized our mindset and lifestyle. Our one foot is in the real world whereas the other one is in the virtual world”, Oleksandr said. “Environment wise we are using more resources than our planet can renew. 1971 was the last year of the truly renewed resources. Not only we are polluting the Earth now, we are stealing from our children and grandchildren. We owe them big”.

Although economic growth is one of today’s global priorities, it is not the safest thing in the world because our technologies are lagging. E.g. energy-related carbon dioxide emission accounts for 60% of the total CO2 emission. Thus, Oleksandr believes in environmentally friendly technologies and responsible consumption. Moreover, using renewable energy is important for Ukrainian energy security.

In his summary, Oleksandr said that he was optimist about our country’s future because Ukrainian human capital and agricultural potential would help us cope with any challenge.