Best Wishes to Graduates of the Program for Darnytsia Pharma Company

16 March 2023

The managers of Darnytsia pharma company recently defended their final marketing projects as part of their studies in the management development program. The program commenced a week before the full-scale Russian invasion and concluded on March 13, 2023. Oleksiy Vynogradov, MIM-Kyiv's Vice President, expressed his delight in partnering with one of the most reputable Ukrainian companies and hopes that this program is the first step towards a successful partnership.

Svitlana Maksymova, Head of Marketing and Prescription Drugs Department, stated that it was a corporate program with tailored courses that provided an immersive learning experience for the managers, covering marketing, distribution, and pricing issues. She believed that such an extensive and focused learning experience could not be achieved through short-term training.

Maksymova also added that the key to success was having highly knowledgeable and skilled professors, which was evident from the impressive progress made by the students. She was proud of her colleagues and mentioned that the program promoted cross-functional communication and cooperation, which ultimately led to increased sales.

We extend our best wishes to the new graduates and welcome them as our new alumni.