13 September 2021

Eleven top managers from the Kirghiz company Forester joined MIM-Kyiv’s students’ body. They are taking the corporate program designed for the leader of FMCG distribution in Central Asia.

- This group consists of the company’s executives. We are growing fast and are ahead of our competition. Thus, we are especially interested in change management, emotional intelligence, and performance management. Nowadays, soft skills are a true key to success for the nearest 50 years, Volodymyr Papirin, commercial director of the Forester and board member of the Globus Retail Group that owns it.

Authoritarian management is outdated nowadays. Such companies as Amazon or Google apply managerial tools that enable their people to show their best talents and work autonomously according to the companies’ objectives. To master those new skills Forester’s top managers came to MIM-Kyiv.

- We ran a tender to select the provider. We had our wish list and the budget. MIM-Kyiv proved to be the most flexible. I think that flexibility is among the most required qualities in business as it helps to react to the market situation. MIM-Kyiv also provided the most comprehensive and detailed offer that met our expectations. That’s why we chose MIM-Kyiv. I hope that it is a good start for the long-term cooperation, Volodymyr said.

In her turn, Iryna Tykhomyrova, MIM-Kyiv’s president mentioned the importance of cooperation with the Central Asian region that had started by running a program in Tajikistan earlier this year. MIM-Kyiv did its best to make the program both useful and exciting.

- We always work for business and with business. Companies pay for what is useful and for what is good. That’s how we do things and that’s why our partnerships are usually long-term. We try to be the partner worth investing in a long-term cooperation.