29 September 2021

The fourth group of the NBU managers joined MIM-Kyiv’s student body. Promotion of the programs' participants proved the quality of the program.

Internationality, quality, and accreditation were critical selection criteria for the NBU. Iryn Shaulska, manager of the HR department explained the selection process: “We looked for quality education and appropriate accreditations. We also need international experience and global best practices. MIM-Kyiv meets all of those criteria. Besides, the success of our previous programs proves that we have made the right choice.”

A highly interactive program features many advanced instruments. In particular, it features Management Game that is instrumental in mastering management competencies.

Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova, MIM-Kyiv’s president welcomed the new program participants. “We are sure that our faculty and our experience in delivering tailor-made programs make the right program. Mastering new knowledge and skills are your responsibility to a certain extend. To succeed in the modern world we need to analyze a lot of information, think critically, and made decisions quickly,” she said.