31 January 2022

Kateryna Bulavina, medical expert for the UNICEF in Ukraine talked about boosters, additional jabs and answered the questions about the COVID-19 pandemic during the MIM-TV conversation. 

Kateryna recommends getting a booster in 6 months after the second jab as it enhances the protection and reinforces the immune response. Booster proved its effectiveness against the Omicron. There are considerably fewer hospitalizations and deaths in the countries with a high share of the population with the booster. 

The choice of medicine depends on previous jabs. Those who have already recovered from COVID can administer the booster 28 days after the first symptoms. 

Kateryna also proved that each cloud has a silver lining. Ukrainian health care institutions have 5 of them:

  1. Hospitals have oxygen in stock. Previously it was often neglected;
  2. Our public healthcare is rich in ambulatory oxygen. After the pandemic it could be used for palliative care in the primary care setting;
  3. Vaccination is gaining popularity among adults. Many people started to take care of their health. Stigmatization of the mental health and psychological issues diminished;
  4. Patients’ – doctors’ relationship improved;
  5. People started to pay more attention to the quality of life.

“It is better to use negative scenarios for planning. Unvaccinated people are always at risk,” Kateryna explained.