17 November 2020

This year DBA is devoted to the family and closely held partnership businesses. Buying and selling
of such businesses were discussed at the November module. 

“Each successful business has three “right” stages. The first one is hitting the right place at the
right time, the second is finding the right people and the third one is the right time to exit. Our
module was about the third “right”. In Ukraine, as elsewhere it is the most sensitive moment for
business owners. The FinPoint, one of the prominent investment bankers, the Rothschild & Co
strategic partner since 2009, developed and delivered the module”, – Lina Khasan-Bek, the DBA
program director. 

Leonid Kyrian, the FinPoint partner summarized the steps necessary to sell or buy a business or
participate in the M&L transactions. In particular, the participants were discussing how to prepare a
company for selling, how to evaluate how to differentiate between sellers and buyers approaches,
and legal aspects of business selling and buying. Special attention was paid to the closing of
agreements and potential pitfalls.

It was a unique module. Our students who own family businesses praised the module highly and
some of them are thinking about the research.