17 January 2022

There are numerous KPIs that help to assess the MBA degree's impact on managers’ lives. However, many MBAs believe that it is intangible and often uncountable things that have life-long effects.  SE MBAs and MBAs 2021 shared their experiences of doing the degree at MIM-Kyiv.

Olena Mitronina, advisor to the Nexstep Solutions, SE MBA-2021

During my admission interview, one of the professors asked about my expectations. I said that I expected the “wow-effect” and even some discoveries. I am happy to say that I experienced both “wow-effects” and discoveries at MIM-Kyiv. I started a new chapter of my business life when I was a student.

Oleksandr Kava, Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine, SE МВА-2021

Studies are critical for both learning and systematizing the existing knowledge in such areas as marketing, corporate law, corporate governance, law and markets, and business regulatory framework. I apply my new knowledge and skills at my job to improve the Ukrainian economy and make our lives better.”

Maryna Matveychuk, HUB 4.0, MBA 2021

MIM-Kyiv helps to get a comprehensive view of the processes. We all hold university degrees, read a lot but due to MIM-Kyiv all that knowledge fells into the place like pieces in the puzzle. Besides, we understand how to apply our knowledge.

Maria Kalmaz, managing director of the “Misto Sporty”, МВА 2021

MBA at MIM-Kyiv is like a borderline in my life. Those were unforgettable two years when we learned to run a business as a living organism.

Oleksandr Chubukov, project manager for the Reform Office at the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, МВА 2021

Those were exciting two years. I made new friends at MIM-Kyiv. I learned a lot and saw what I’d already known from a different angle. I re-assessed my previous experience. If you are ready to invest a lot of resources, especially time in personal development, the MBA is the right choice. I started to apply my new knowledge and skills from the very beginning.

Vitaly Chekmez, CEO of the Fort Steel LLC, МВА-2021

We did not choose our high school. Together with our parents, we chose our universities. MIM-Kyiv was our own choice. Is MBA worth spending so much time and money? Absolute “yes” for me. MIM-Kyiv is more than a degree. It is a very special environment and community. Those were some of the best two years of my life.