09 May 2022

Business is usually the first to react to a crisis. From the very first days of the war alongside the volunteering and raising money for the military and humanitarian relief the companies were relocating, supporting their teams, and securing jobs. 

Delo.ua, one of the national business publications covered activities of the companies that have been active in supporting the Army and military efforts. MIM-Kyiv partners are among those companies. 


The mobile provider contributed 10 million hryvnias to the Come Back Alive Fund. It also cooperates with the Your Support, Let’s Help, and Caritas Ukraine Charity Foundations. Kyivstar so far donated 30 million hryvnias to humanitarian aid. At the beginning of the war, the company paid 1.4 billion in taxes in advance. Since the war, the company repaired more than two thousand broken cables to provide working mobile communication. Besides, the company installed internet in 800 shelters in different Ukrainian cities.

Nova Poshta

Since the first days, the company contributed 25 million hryvnias and 100 vehicles to the Army and volunteers. It also launched the Humanitarian Nova Poshta project to move humanitarian relief from abroad to Ukraine. They delivered 8.5 thousand tons of food, gear, medicine, clothes, hygiene items, etc. to Ukraine. Every day the Nova Poshta moves 250 – 300 tons of humanitarian cargo. 4.5 branches, 8500 secured street postal lockers, and courier services are in operation in 6 thousand Ukrainian cities. 


The company and military administration of Kyiv oblast established the administration assistance call center. IT experts also block russians’ web content. Together with Volia group, they launched the internet installation in bomb shelters all over Ukraine. Datagroup supplied internet to more than 400 civilian protection points in 18 oblasts of Ukraine. Both Datagroup and Volia paid 50 million hryvnias of taxes in advance and provided free access to the national information TV channels in Ukraine and abroad. 

EVA retail chain

The chain provides basic necessities' goods to Ukrainian cities and towns since the beginning of the war. The company has processed and delivered more than 300 requests by the military, Territorial Defense, and hospitals as of April 20. It also paid 110 million hryvnias of taxes in advance. Eva and Varus retail chains contributed 5 million hryvnias to the Come Back Alive Fund. 


The company contributed 10 million hryvnias to Red Cross Ukraine right after Russia started the full-scale war. It also established its Assist Ukraine Fund to support Ukrainian charities. It gave 440 thousand hryvnias to the ASAP Rescue foundation. EPAM University and AWS helped 15 universities from Kharkiv, Kyiv, Sumy, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Odesa, etc. to move critical infrastructure to the cloud services. They bought two medical emergency vehicles and medical supplies for hospitals in Drohobych. 

Astarta Kyiv

The Astarta Kyiv assists both military and civilians. As of April 25, the company has given 60 million hryvnias worth of assistance consisting of more than 590 tons of groceries, 85 vehicles, etc. Besides, it delivered 2000 tons of humanitarian aid to the United Nations World Food Programme and 2500 tons of groceries. Astarta Kyiv joined the Common Help UA project and delivered 120 tons of humanitarian relief from the Western partners of the project to 13 oblasts of Ukraine. 60 thousand evacuees received groceries and hygiene items. Employees donate up to 5% of their monthly salaries to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


The company has actively volunteered and supported its employees from the very beginning of the war. It has restarted all of its IT services. They moved the headquarters to Lviv where they had established its backup site and continued to render services to the customers. They are active in cybersecurity and offer free cyber security projects to their clients. Employees raise funds for the military. They also offer logistics to the Come Back Alive Fund. The company works with international vendors to prioritize Ukrainian orders. 

Dobrobut Medical Chain

The chain’s outlets offer treatment to the injured. It offers free emergency help to the military. The company has been raising funds for medical supplies, urgent surgeries, and mobile medical points for people from liberated territories. Dobrobut Foundation charity is focused on the needs of the military. It offered medical services worth 789 thousand hryvnias within the first month of activity.

Pharmaceutical company Darnitsa

Ukraine suffered from a lack of medicines because of the war. Many international companies left the market, import was limited whereas the demand was skyrocketing. Darnytsya has donated nearly 700 thousand packages of medicines worth 32 million hryvnias. It has also brought 10 thousand Celox packages and gave them for free to hospitals, Army, and Territorial Defense. It also started the call center to help Ukrainians find medicines and working pharmacies.