28 July 2021

Investment in education for companies proves to be as efficient as individual educational investments. Uklon, the Ukrainian Uber, commissioned the second program aimed at the development of managerial skills. 

Daria Turina, L&D manager of Uklon explained why MIM-Kyiv is the company’s first choice when it comes to people’s development. 

How have studies at MIM-Kyiv impacted your employees’ activities?

The graduates of the first program are actively applying what they learned at MIM-Kyiv. Leadership skills are instrumental in running teams and securing their performance. The teams’ morale is yet another distinction of the teams led by MIM’s graduates. Some of them even got promoted. 

What was the focus of the first program? Does the second program merely continue what was started or it had different targets?

After the first group had accomplished their studies, we analyzed the feedback and adjusted the program a bit. But the aim of the program remained the same. We also decided to make smaller classes to increase the learning efficiency. So far, 33 managers have accomplished the programs and boosted up their managerial skills. 

What are the outcomes of the studies at MIM-Kyiv and their implications for the company?

It takes time to develop a leader and a manager. Creating an environment that fosters the professional and personal development of our managers is as important as mastering managerial skills by our managers. It is a long-term journey that has started.