26 January 2022

The new world is brittle, anxious, non-linear, and incomprehensible or BANI. Mere survival in this world requires doing things differently not to mention leading. Being a BANI leader means knowing oneself, understanding strengths, and being able to apply them. Olena Yuzkova, MIM-Kyiv’s professor and CEO of the Epoch of International Education company and the vice president of the Ukrainian Association of Management Consultants delivered a master class on BANI leadership skills.

The brittleness of today’s world calls for resilience. Anxiety requires empathy. Non-linearity necessitates adaptability. Unpredictability necessitates intuition. Meta skills are becoming crucial as they help integrate soft and hard skills. 

Meta skills are critical for thriving in the new normal. Amy Mindel is a process work therapist and the author of the "Meta skills: The Spiritual Art of Therapy" book. She believes that awareness of feeling skills transforms our work into an artistic and spiritual experience. The meta-skills are about emotional adaptability, flexibility, and self-awareness. Due to those skills people can prevent burnouts, and increase their effectiveness. 

Olena recommends trusting and developing intuition, especially when it comes to our bodies. It is more efficient to start small and then scale. Even small steps towards the goal require recording and praising. She believes that other people may help or damage your success. “Bring those who you could grow with and who could be your role model into your life,” Olena advises. She also recommends making yourselves attractive to those people. 

Goals and milestones on the way are important for everything people do. Goal setting, personal development, self-awareness, and actions together with self-acceptance and constant development are instrumental in coping with the challenges. This is a multifaceted world with endless options for interaction.