Investment Banking First hand

17 July 2018

Erik Nayman and Sergey Goncharevich, managing partners of the Capital Times Investment Company leading independent investment-banking boutique in Ukraine and Belarus delivered a lecture to MIM’s MBA students. Erik is also one of the best-known investors in Ukraine. He authored quite a number of books on capital markets. Sergey is MIM’ MBA.

In their joint lecture, they discussed investment portfolio strategies, growth strategies, funding sources, businesses’ evaluation, value drivers for businesses and the M&A market in Ukraine. “Common sense is a good foundation for any investment strategy,” Erik stressed. “No business could avoid a crisis. But you could always survive crises and often thrive as a result, Sergey shared his experience.

Additional information. Capital Times is a financial advisory and wealth management company that engages in investment banking, wealth management, and other financial services with institutional and private clients. Our principal executive offices are in Kyiv (Ukraine) and Minsk (Belarus) supported by 54 Globalscope partners on every continent in 45 countries.