16 December 2021

The latest research by Development Dimensions International, an HR development company proved that the world is suffering from burnouts. It is proved by the executives’ survey that shows: nearly 60% of managers are exhausted by the end of the working day. 

According to Virginijus Kundrotas, the dean of the Adizes Graduate School of Management and BMDA president the burnouts are a new pandemic. Rapid changes, high expectations and uncertainty that impede managerial decision-making make leaders prone to stress. The rate of changes aggravates the situation. 

- We need to understand that a “One Man Show” does not work anymore. Participation leadership when integration of a team is the foremost objective of the leader is the best way to operate nowadays. Dr. Ichak Adizes, the author of the approach often says that a leader should have bigger ears and smaller mouse, Virginijus Kundrtas said during the MIM TV session. 

Those are practical skills and learning by doing is the best way to master them. International Leadership Program combined with sailing is the response to the situation created by the MIM-Kyiv, Adizes Graduate School (US), Baltic Management Development Association (BMDA) and Zagorye travel company.

- I would call this program “the New Leadership”. It is aimed at better understanding of people in the organization. Organizations like people grew older. It is up to the leaders to rejuvenate the organization. Our program is about mastering the skills critical for such rejuvenation. We also teach leaders to involve their teams in decision-making, Virginijus Kundrotas added up. 

Zagorye is one of the co-organizers of the program. Maksym Korolenko, its co-owner and MIM-Kyiv SE MBA student pays special attention to the blending of fun and work during the program. Students are staying in Letoonia Fethiye, a five star hotel and sail in a beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Families or significant others may join the students. 

- Yachting is good for delegating. Success in sailing races depends on captain’s ability to refrain from micromanagement and crew’s ability to work independently, Maksym Korolenko believes. 

Sailing is a true acid test for each crew member. Special quests are designed to highlight the role of each participant in the sailing race. For more information visit here.