They Will Build the Country: New MBA 2019 On March 29 the class of MBA and SE MBA

28 March 2019

“We follow the lives of our alumni. All of them have their history, doubts, ups and downs. This class is special because they graduate in the year of change. The country is changing and they will build the new Ukraine,” Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova, MIM’s president said at the convocation day.

Our alumni speak about MIM’s impact on their businesses and lives.

We changed our manufacturing

Dmytro Danylovych, marketing director, Alliance group:

Prof. Khasan-Bek once told us that we had to sell what people buy rather than what we could manufacture. So, I implemented my knowledge in doing strategy. We changed our manufacturing to offer what our customer would buy. Now we are trendsetters. All our marketing campaign is based on what I learned in MIM.


I fired 4 book-keepers and hired one pro financier

Hanna Oleksenko, major shareholder, Olkom group:

When I started MIM’s program my company was undergoing substantial changes. I was not sure that I was doing things right. However, what I was studying proved that I was doing the right things. That helped to generate new ideas, they were easier to implement.

I have never done accounting. However, to find the right financier, I needed to understand how those people think. Due to the studies at MIM I could understand how I could improve my financial function. As a result, I hired a real pro and benefited from that.

Before taking the program at MIM I was mostly involved in in-company problems. At MIM I understood that I missed a wider network of people from different industries. Whenever we discussed business cases I found ideas for my business.

I learned to set goals and motivate top performance

Valeria Malakhova, Retail Business Department Director, Oschadbank

I have applied practically everything I learned. I developed the framework for my vision. I started paying attention to the things which I had neglected. Now I am able to see a wider picture, analyze it and make decisions.

The tasks in business are different, so are the people. Due to the soft skills courses, I can find the right person for the right job. I can communicate with those people to help them to perform at their best.

When you start your own business you need to agree on both entrance and exit rules

Oksana Nogatyuk, partner, NEWTEND

Theory helps establish frameworks and prove your own experience. I especially liked our mini-groups work aimed at making projects, achieving quick wins and work with living cases. The idea of establishing commonly understood entrance and exit rules before the launch of any business project was very important to me.