Iryna Tykhomyrova, MIM-Kyiv president participated in the Veterans Business Forum V-Corp

28 April 2021

Iryna Tykhomyrova, MIM-Kyiv president participated in the Veterans Business Forum V-Corp organized by the Come Back Alive Charity Foundation. The event was dedicated to business education and mentoring. MIM-Kyiv has a lot of experience in providing education to veterans. There are quite a few of them among MIM-Kyiv students and alumni.

“Education is a serious investment. Money is not everything. You have to invest your efforts. Ihor Kravchenko, our SE MBA is among the participants now. Some are studying at MBA programs. Both of them are internationally accredited and are ranked #1 in Ukraine. We do not highlight our veterans. For us they are peers. As a result, a healthy business community, a broad network of contacts, mutual trust are evolving during the two years of the program,” Prof. Tykhomyrova emphasized.

She thinks that business incubators are good for veterans’ businesses. Such a model enables both learning and friendly consulting from instructors and those comrades-in-arms who run successful businesses.

For Ihor Kravchenko, co-founder and first deputy general director of the Alatyr-Invest, a group of residential real estate development companies considers business education to be the best at summarizing and disseminating the best experience and promoting business success. Earlier, Ihor served as a sniper at the Special Group "Alpha". Now he sits on the Come Back Alive Charity Foundation Board.

“I am on my way to success in business. I do not know how long or short it can be. AT the We are constantly choosing our toolboxes that define how we move along our ways. I have my instruments such as comprehensive business education at MIM-Kyiv. If you want to improve your business or lead it through rough times of crises you can always ask people who have more experience and knowledge. It is OK to be open, ready to accept, and implement. I am sure that together with the right people you could reach a lot of significant results," Ihor explained.