Experts are Sharing Their Opinions about Current Situation

25 March 2020

We have stopped all our off-line events but we have not finished with sharing our expertise!  We are adapting to the new reality and are trying to support our community. We strongly believe that we have knowledge and skills that may be useful and applicable under the circumstances. MIM-TV is our contribution to fighting the crisis.

We are broadcasting interviews with those experts and practitioners who are ready to share their experience and inspire all of us.

We are discussing our domestic situation and global trends. We are doing our best to understand what’s going on, at home and worldwide, what threats we are facing and opportunities are available to us.

Our interviewees are forecasting how the world will be changing after the COVID – 19 pandemic. They are inventorying and inventing the tools which help us to adjust to our new world.

Ms. Darya Manzharova, MIM-Kyiv Alumni Relations Director said: “It is important for us to keep in touch with our community. Before the quarantine, we met regularly. We are not canceling our meetings but rather tailoring them to the new reality. We follow our main principle: our meetings must be useful for our people. That’s why we are selective in who we invite for our interviews. Currently, it is absolutely critical to have reliable people. We are inviting those people whose expertise we can rely on.”