22 June 2021

MIM-Kyiv awarded its first certificates to the first trainers of the Training Center at the SUE Tajinvest in Tajikistan.

The program featured courses on pedagogy and project management, communication skills, marketing management, etc. Development of the courses that will be taught at the Training Center of Tajinvest was the final assessment. Future business trainers presented more than 10 courses that participants designed based on the MIM-Kyiv’s program on fundamentals of running business and Training for Trainers module on pedagogy. 

  As part of the final testing, the program participants delivered the courses that they developed to the business people of Tajikistan. MIM-Kyiv’s faculty complemented those courses with their short workshops. 

Oleksandr Sudarkin, MIM-Kyiv MBA program director believes that the final projects of participants laid the sound foundation for the new Center. “The program was critical for having more business trainers able to teach business people in Tajikistan. We were happy that all participants were truly enthusiastic about the program. They appreciated adapting the content to the needs and level of business development in the country. They mentioned that the program was very practical,” Oleksandr shared his experience. 

In July, the participants of the program for managers of the Export Agency of Tajikistan will present their final projects. The program graduates will join the faculty of the newly established School of Export. “First of all, we developed trust. The program participants recognized our efforts to adjust the courses to the way of doing business in Tajikistan. The program participants were asking a lot of questions, and they were accommodating the new knowledge to the needs of Tajik businesses. We are sure that the new Center will bring value to the local businesses” Oleksandr said.