MIM-Kyiv shows an example of responding to COVID-19 challenges.

26 October 2020

MIM-Kyiv sets an example of coping with current challenges and adapting to the new reality.

On October 22, MIM-Kyiv implemented a blended learning format. SE MBA class 2021 was the first to have some students attending the classroom, whereas the others were attending them online. Due to the blended learning format, MIM-Kyiv strictly follows all hygienic requirements, social distancing in particular. The newest technologies secured a comfortable learning environment. Thus, all students could not only see each other but interact as well.

“MIM-Kyiv proved its ability to meet the highest standards and make distance and blended learning workable. They managed to overcome all technical difficulties. I believe they set a good example for many from different industries. The class felt as fully on-campus. We could communicate with speakers and each other. The COVID-19 pandemic clearly showed the most adaptable organizations,” Olena Chernenko, SE MBA student said.

It is safe to say that blended learning works and that pandemic is not only about the problems but about solutions and new opportunities as well.