MIM launches energy sector reform year to mark its 30th anniversary

30 January 2019

On January 29 Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova, MIM’s president and Mr. Oleksandr Svetelek, president of the CIGRE Ukraine and former minister of energy of Ukraine signed Partnership Memorandum. Under the Memorandum the specialized Energy Club is founded to develop public policies in the area of energy generation and energy consumption. By doing so, MIM-Kyiv starts its Year of Energy Sector Reform to mark its 30th anniversary year.

2019 is going to become a year of change for the national energy sector. First of all, energy will cost Ukrainians more. On the other hand, they will have more instruments to make energy consumption more efficient. The most active will be able to start generating their own electricity and sell it at the special green rates. Ukraine will increase its own gas production. Moreover, our country will continue not to buy Russian gas.

However, many experts and public officials forecast that money will get scarcer because of the new gas pipelines built outside Ukraine. Ukrainian nuclear energy sector will continue struggling with its cumulative problems. Business success or even survival will much depend on its energy efficiency.

That was the reason for MIM-Kyiv making its 30th anniversary year the Year of Energy Sector Reform. The school invites all business owners, top managers and experts in the field to join its initiative and contribute to MIM’s research of the national energy sector.

“Successful business is energy efficient business,” Prof. Tykhomyrova said. “Therefore, we are dedicating our efforts to discussing energy sector reform in our 30th anniversary day. Our alumni, students, and partners are welcome to participate. Our business is in bad need of discussing energy sector reform”

“In 2019 Ukraine is starting its renewed energy market. Opinions of all businesses which are our customers are important for us. We need to understand how we can help Ukrainian businesses grow. That was why we founded Energy Experts’ Board which will support Ukrainian electricity market reform. We will be holding regular meetings of the Board and invite MIM-Kyiv’s students and alumni to participate,” Mr. Svetelek said.