MIM Signs Memorandum of Understanding with “Health Platform” Civic Organization

30 May 2018

On May 29, MIM signed Memorandum of Understanding with “Health Platform” Civic Organization to start cooperation in public health reforms. The reform is one of the biggest challenges facing Ukrainian society.

In early May MIM will host trainings organized by the Health Platform for a primary care setting physicians. Those trainings are designed to help those physicians organize their practice under the new conditions.

“Our task is to prepare those physicians who will become change agents,” Tymofiy Badikov, the Health Platform CEO said. “We want to show them that they can operate independently and prove to other physicians that it is safe and it works.

”The trainings will be very real-life oriented and the will answer the needs of family physicians in the first place. Later on, the special online course based on the materials developed for such programs will be launched and made available nationwide.

“What Health Platform does is very similar to what MIM does,” Prof. Tykhomyrova, the MIM’s president said. "Our mission is to create a critical mass of the responsible leaders and you are doing the same. Together we are creating active physicians community who will disseminate new knowledge and ideas."